10th Mar 2015

A local cyclist narrowly avoided tragedy at the hands of a road-raging driver in suburban Olathe, Kansas, on Monday Oct 20. While on a public road, near a well-used public park, the cyclist rode past a driver who was pulling to a stop sign. For no good reason, the driver became engaged, gunned his engine and veered the vehicle into the cyclist’s new Madone. The cyclist was forced into a ditch. Not satisfied with this level of violence, the driver turned back and struck him again, then left the scene.

Here’s the good news:

A Sheriff’s deputy saw the occurrence (as did two independent witnesses) and the driver was soon apprehended. The cyclist is being medically treated and the bike is in the shop. According to public information from the Sheriff of Johnson county website, driver Paul Henley is being charged with Felony Aggravated Battery, pursuant to Kansas statute 21-5413(b)(1)(B) and was released after posting a $10,000.00 secured bond.

What would have happened if the assault had not been witnessed by the deputy?

I am helping the cyclist get justice. We will keep you updated as the case progresses.


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  • Rick Fredericksen on May 20, 2015 at 11:07 am

    I am that cyclist that was run down by this driver, I am here to tell you that Vance took charge of this case and sought justice just as he says. I did receive a brand new Madone 600 series and was compensated by his insurance company. I would recommend Vance to any cyclist out there , hopefully we can someday put this road rage against cyclists to rest and learn to share the road together. See you out on the road. Reply

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