15th Apr 2015

Southwest Blvd. is a well known throughfare creating a nexus between an industrial and commercial area of Kansas City, Missouri  and its neighbor to the west. Kansas City, Kansas. The Boulevard, as its  called,  somewhat parallels   I-70 and Turkey Creek, which until recently was known for vicious flash flooding.  Its home to Boulevard brewery and some of the best known Hispanic restaurants in the metro area. Heavily used railroad tracks create a steady buzz from heavily laden freight trains. Within the last several years, bike lanes have surfaced on The Blvd. The lanes are clearly marked with the familiar chevrons and bike symbol. KCTV 5 reported that on April 10,2015, a cyclist was struck by a pickup truck. It was reported the cyclist was going the wrong way  and against the traffic within the bike lane.

By all accounts, the cyclist’s injuries were minimal. The event was linked to the Kansas City Metro Bike Club, www.kcmbc.com, facebook page. The comments that followed were fascinating. Everything from, “What a dumb***” to “ He should have been riding on the sidewalk” and even “I was taught as a kid to ride against the traffic”  showed up on the page. The club President, himself a great rider and a steady hand , blew a whistle and said  lets keep it civil.

Decades ago, a prevailing view was to ride against the traffic. This is ingrained into some people’s thinking. It points out that training, education, and dialogue never go out of style.


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